Friday, August 10, 2012

The Worst Shopping Trip EVER!!

It's pretty obvious I have been low on inspiration for my blog lately. I have kind of shoved it aside and have been focusing on other things, and hoping I would get struck with some inspiration sooner than later, because only posting Wordless Wednesday day posts (and not even every week) kind of defeats the purpose of writing a blog.

I think I have made it pretty clear that I'm probably the worst shopper known to women. If I'm not forgetting my money at home, I'm forgetting things that I went to buy, and if I'm not doing that I'm busy getting my Maxi dress stuck in the wheel of a shopping cart in the middle of the Target parking lot....

Wait what?

Oh yes, you read that correct. The other day I was leaving a successful shopping trip from Target, I bought only the items I went for (unheard of!) and I didn't forget anything on my list , AND Ava was so good the whole trip.

So there I am feeling good about myself, walking out to my car when all the sudden the whole shopping cart comes to a halt and won't move. I look down and the bottom of my maxi dress has conveniently wrapped itself up and around one of the wheels and jammed up the whole thing! Of course this happens in the section of the parking lot where there is on coming traffic. People were waving at me to let me to cross, so I (slighly) picked up the the cart so it was on the 2 wheels furthest from me and rolled it to my car as fast as I possibly could without looking suspect  probably looking completely crazy.

I make to it to my car to find my poor dress ripped and twisted. I was actually so happy it had ripped because I was able to rip it more. I was down on the ground for what felt like 30 min. But it was probably 5.

At this point I am quietly panicking in my head because I couldn't get my dress out of the wheel, and I kept seeing my 2 year old's little leg flying over the edge of the cart in attempts to climb out.

Now allow me to fill you in on my thought process while all of this was happening.
Try to keep up...

"Maybe if I move quick enough I can shove the shopping cart in my car and drive away!"

"Yesss blog material, better take some pictures!"
( glad I have my priorities straight)

"Whhyyyy is this happening!!!"
(starting to loose my cool, oh wait my cool was lost when a person in their car waved me down to cross the parking lot,and I was stuck to a shopping cart and couldn't move!)

"Maybe I could take my dress off and jump in the car before anyone sees me!"
(yes, I would rather strip down in a parking lot then have just gone back inside the store and ask for scissors.)

Thankfully I got it untangled, and my brilliant "plan B" to publicly undress was never taken into effect. Just in time because Ava was over it by this point, she had new "strawberry shoes" in that bag and she wanted to wear them. OK I lied about not getting anything extra, but the shoes were only $1.00, you can't pass up $1.00 shoes.

Oh wait there is more to this story...
When I finally got home I realize that I only grabbed one bag, and apparently I had two. SO what started off as a successful shopping trip turned into the worst shopping trip known to man kind. Not only did I pay for items that I didn't take home with me, I ruined a dress, and had to suffer through extreme embarrassment! Awesome! 2 days later and this is still cracking me up.

To anyone wearing a maxi dress to target, beware of the shopping carts!


  1. Hi, Amanda! Haven't stopped by in a while and I'm glad I did today. I love successful shopping trips!! LOL. That sucks about the forgotten second bag, but at least you get to buy a new Maxi dress! :)

  2. Oh my goodness - that was so funny! :) Sorry about your maxi dress - but did you ever go back and get the other bag of stuff you bought? (I've done that before and had people chasing me out into the parking lot with my stuff!) lol :)


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