Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Nothing But a Big Ol' Baby

I had a baby, I can do anything right? Wrong! Tomorrow I have to get my top to wisdom teeth pulled, ahhhhh I'm freaking out.

Is it completely ridiculous this is more scary then having a baby? At least at the end of labor you get to meet your sweet little baby. At the end of wisdom teeth extractions you get a mouth full of gauze, and a swollen face. Sounds pretty amazing.

I think the one thing I'm most scared of is being put under anesthesia. That really freaks me out. I have never had to have that done, the whole thought of getting injected with magic sleep potion weirds me out, and gives me anxiety. Unfortunately there isn't one way of doing it that sounds better then the other. So let's just do this and get it over with!

I have already given multiple threats about video taping me afterwards on the way home. I also seem to worry about the dumbest things, like how the place is on the 3rd floor and how weird it's going to be for whoever has to ride down in the elevator with me. I obviously won't have any clue what's going on, but i'm apologizing now to the person who in there watching me drool on myself. Talk about awkward elevator rides.

feel free to share your *good* experiences with me, or I should say non-horrible experience, i'm sure no one has had an amazing wisdom tooth extraction experience. If you have a bad story keep that ish to yourself.

In the mean time here's me and my girl instagram style...

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Have a New Obsession With Space Saving

 This time has finally come.

We are moving back to Florida at the end of the month! I couldn't be happier to get back to my home.

I could however, go without having to move again. I hate moving. If I were rich I would totally hire people to do this for me.

One good thing about moving is that it's the perfect opportunity to go through all your crap you have been unknowingly hoarding in your house. I have cleaned out my closets, and got rid of baby things we don't need anymore. Even sold some furniture that we didn't want anymore.

One thing that has been taking up a lot of space are all the baby clothes I have kept for my " maybe someday future baby girl.." I usually keep my favorites, and give the rest away. Apparently I have a lot of favorites, and the amount of clothes would be taking up some valuable space in our moving truck.

My solution?

I bought these space savers bags at Bed Bath and Beyond, you put you stuff into, then vacuum all the air out of, until the bag is flat, and compact.
Image Detail

I had seen these on TV a while ago and it was one of those " why didn't I think of that" moments.

So even though I appreciate every single one of my readers, ( like seriously thank you!) I was not about to count every piece of clothing I put into these bags, but this picture just doesn't do justice to exactly how much clothing this is. So I decided to take a picture of what I use to store them in. That's two plastic bins, and a pretty black garbage bag... Don't be jealous of my awesome camera phone pictures.

this is two plastic storage bins, and a pretty black garbage bag...

Along with the clothes, I also have Ava's crib bedding, I really love her bedding, and MAYBE just maybe, I'll end up using it again, so I wanted to keep that to.

SO in this picture you will see: 4 crib bumpers,a baby comforter, crib skirt, a sheet, and 2 curtains.

Once I started space saving I just couldn't stop. Watch out Ava momma is getting organized!

  Since we are moving to Florida, where it's cold for a total of 2 months of the year... We really don't need all of our sweaters,jackets taking up valuable closet space, so I did those to! Sorry but this vacuum sealing items gets tiring and I don't have a before and after picture :( but what once took up so much space in our closet is now flat, and can be slid underneath our bed until we need them!

I didn't just stop there, I also did my wedding dress! That seriously took up a lot of closet space. Click here so see pictures of my wedding dress before I sucked the life out it! This is after, now it's small, and flat enough to fit in a drawer with other clothes in it.

I highly recommend these bags for anyone who is low on storage space, or who is moving...or even
traveling imagine how many more outfits you could fit in your suitcase! 

(this was not a paid, or sponsored post, just me sharing the love)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY: Painted Twin Bed

A few months ago my neighborhood held a community yard sale. It was the first yard sale we ever had, and we ends up making over $100! I couldn't believe it.

In the down time I would take Ava around the neighborhood in her stroller to check out every one's junk. I spotted this great Sleigh twin bed for only $20!
It's nice solid wood, and only had a little crack on the side. Since we would be painting it, I figured that crack would be an easy fix.

We already have a twin bed in our guest room, that I plan to make it Ava's new bed, and I had been looking for a head and foot board, this was perfect, and for only $20 how could I resist?

With a little bit of white paint, it looks good as new. We filled in that crack and sanded it down a little and you can't even see it anymore.

I'm so happy with how the bed turned out. It looks brand new! We are starting the moving process again. Once we get settled into our new house I will show you more pictures of this bed in action in Ava's new room. For now it will have to stay in the garage until moving day.

For this project all you need is some White semi gloss paint, a paint brush, and a small paint roller!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun at Meema's House

Over Memorial Day weekend we went up to North Carolina to visit my mom. They just added on this new fancy schmancy patio area so that plus the fact the Ava loves being outside meant we needed to get something for her to do. My bought this little pool that has a slide attached, you hook the hose up to it and it also squirts water onto the slide. Anything involving a slide and water is sure to be a hit with Ava.
After a few rounds on the slide, she discovered the that the hose is way cooler than the just the slide. She spent hours just sitting there filling up the little pool, and watering the patio.

Like I said Ava LOVES slides, and playing with water. So when she saw this outside she immediately wanted to put on her  "baby-ashu." ( bathing suit)
She was so excited, that by the time I got back downstairs with the baby-ashu, she had already stripped herself down. This is also a new thing... one minute she is fully clothed, the next minute she is wearing nothing except for her plastic barbie high heels.
Baby gone wild..

It's always a good time going to eeba's (Meema's) house. There's always plenty of food, and tons of fun. Ava also got her first bike... have I mentioned Ava is spoiled rotten?
(sorry for the cell phone pic..)

 She is one blessed little girl to have so many people in her life that love her so much!

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