Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun at Meema's House

Over Memorial Day weekend we went up to North Carolina to visit my mom. They just added on this new fancy schmancy patio area so that plus the fact the Ava loves being outside meant we needed to get something for her to do. My bought this little pool that has a slide attached, you hook the hose up to it and it also squirts water onto the slide. Anything involving a slide and water is sure to be a hit with Ava.
After a few rounds on the slide, she discovered the that the hose is way cooler than the just the slide. She spent hours just sitting there filling up the little pool, and watering the patio.

Like I said Ava LOVES slides, and playing with water. So when she saw this outside she immediately wanted to put on her  "baby-ashu." ( bathing suit)
She was so excited, that by the time I got back downstairs with the baby-ashu, she had already stripped herself down. This is also a new thing... one minute she is fully clothed, the next minute she is wearing nothing except for her plastic barbie high heels.
Baby gone wild..

It's always a good time going to eeba's (Meema's) house. There's always plenty of food, and tons of fun. Ava also got her first bike... have I mentioned Ava is spoiled rotten?
(sorry for the cell phone pic..)

 She is one blessed little girl to have so many people in her life that love her so much!


  1. I love that suit and especially that last shot of her in the water.

  2. That slide looks like fun!! I'm surprised your mom doesn't have a whole section of the house just dedicated to Ava:-)

  3. Ah, I was just going to write what Mallory did! Her daisy swimsuit is so adorable - and that last picture of her on the slide was great!! Looks like a fun weekend mama!! :)


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