Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm the kind of mom who...

I'm the kind of mom who's house usually has baby toys all over the place.(no matter how many times a day I pick up)

I'm the kind of mom who wears my hair in a pony tail way more than I should.

I'm the kind of mom who has goldfish all over the backseat of my car.

I'm the kind of mom who loves to cook but doesn't always have the time or the energy to.

I'm the kind of mom who is a day dreamer.

I'm the kind of mom who will get up and do the "hot dog dance" with my daughter when shes watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse. 

I'm the kind of mom who makes a grocery list, then forgets it at home.

I'm the kind of mom who is dealing with the fact that your body is a little different after you have a baby.

I'm the kind of mom who will put a diaper on all my daughter's babies, because she hands me a diaper and said they went "pee pee"

I'm the kind of mom who can't do anything in the morning until I have a cup of coffee.

I'm the kind of mom who once found one of my kitchen spatulas upstairs in my closet. ( I wonder how that got there)

I'm the kind of mom who is trying to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bare Minerals

Thank you once again Bare Minerals for covering up my tired mommy under eye circles, and all my blemishes. You always make my skin look even and clear without looking like I'm wearing tons of makeup! With out you I would look like the walking dead :)

Have you tried this make up?  Here's a few reasons why I love it...

I love that you can't feel it on your skin
I love the fact that Its made with quality ingredients "so pure you can sleep in it"
I love that I look ME...not someone wearing a ton of make up
and I love the coverage!It hides ALL my imperfections

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY custome wall letters

       Spice up your baby's nursery or your child's room. We have all seen those wall letters that are painted so cute, but if your like me...then you can't paint those cute little designs on the wooden letters. Here is a simple and cheap way you can make unique decorative letters!!
All you need is: scrapbook paper, craft glue stick, and a razor blade ( and the letters of coarse)

1:  apply the glue directly onto the letter
2: Put the sheet of paper on the letter and smooth out,make sure its attached at all corners
3: flip over and use your razor to cut around the edges.
4: it helps to put a little of the glue on your finger and rub the edges of the paper after it has been cut

AND waa laa now you have unique letters to match the room perfectly!!!

My letters where already painted pink,so if you want the edges painted you will have to do that before

Heres another example of some I made for a friend, and I added some buttons for fun!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

    As great as it is to be with family, I have to say it feels great to be home!!

This is us last year...

and this is us this year!
I can't believe how much Ava has changed

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Start a trend for the holidays by Kristen Linares

    Today's post is written by an AMAZING hairstylist, and make up artist. I'm proud to say I had the opportunity to work with her in Florida. Shes extremely talented, and watch out for her because she is going to be famous one day. Here she is......

Start a trend for the holidays!

Every year women all over the globe are in search of the newest trends. Some are the first to follow while others never catch on. Did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe you could set the trends yourself? Impossible you say? I think not. Remember when Victoria Beckham had that amazing texturized inverted bob? It was an overnight phenomenon. Everyone and their mother seriously wanted that cut!

There’s a few reasons why this trend took off. One, Victoria Beckham is a highly photographed celebrity and two, the cut quite simply flattered her face shape and body frame.

Become a trendsetter in a few easy steps…

One: Make an appointment with a professional stylist. They should be able to give you a great cut based on your face shape and recommend the right products for your hair type. P.S. The best looking hair is always healthy hair.

Two: Invest in quality hot tools such as curling irons, blow dryer, hot rollers, and crimper. Yes, a crimper! It will add texture and volume. Think of it as the modern way of teasing. Crimp sections of hair where volume is desired allowing some hair to conceal the crimped area.

Three: Hair accessories! You can instantly glamorize any style with a stylish headband or broach. Perfect for holiday parties.

Four: Don’tgive up practice makes perfect! You can always schedule styling lessons with your stylist, but the most important thing to have when trendsetting is CONFIDENCE!

Happy Holiday styling ladies!

Happy Thanksgiving

    So I started to write out this nice long post, but after reading it over to myself I deleted it. It just didn't feel right. Honestly I don't have a lot to say today so happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mommy brain strikes again!!

Mommy brain Definition: the inability to think clearly, remember anything of any importance, or to function as an efficient and productive parent.

My list- juice, deodorant, razors

  As we are walking out the door A throws her sippy cup on the ground and it busts.( this is her new "thing" she throws things on the ground when you are trying to leave the house. then laughs as you bend down to pick it up)

New list- juice, deodorant, razors, sippy cup

  Arrive to Target. First I cruise the dollar section because...why not? Also I can't go into Target without checking out the baby section, the shoes, clothes....OK so I can't go into Target with out checking out pretty much the entire store. I give little A the deodorant to keep her entertained...she must have thrown that on the floor like 5 times. Finally we check out and head home.
  I come home and unload only to realize I forgot the juice.... of coarse! Not only did I forget the juice but this is what I ended up with

           deodorant, razors, sippy cup, craft glue, new socks for the girly, and a new shirt for me!

So I guess I'll be heading out a little later to pick up A's favorite juice ( V8 Vfusion LITE strawberry banana)

I blame Target for distracting me with isles of cute things that I "NEED"

Fun with my camera

           Impromptu photo session with my little lady

Monday, November 21, 2011


 I came across Tonya at Twoinspireyou on Etsy. I absolutely love her holiday wreaths. In between being a wife, and a mom to 4 kids, she has the time to create beautiful holiday door decor. My personal favorite is the Red berry wreath with the burlap bow!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shabby chic antique

  This weekend my hubby and I went to this antiques market that only open once a month. I have never been to a antiques market before.There were hundreds of vendors with tons of interesting pieces, and everywhere I looked I got so inspired.
  Our trip was kind of just spur of the moment, the market was only open for 2 more hours.Which come to find out is the best time to go because the vendors have been there all day maybe selling maybe not, so they are getting a little desperate to make money, and are a little easier to haggle with (ill leave the haggling to my husband.)
  We came across this totally amazing table for our entry way. I have been looking for something to go there for a while, and when I saw this I had to have it. We managed to get it for $15 cheaper than asking price. I think we will definitely be going to this next month!

Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY mason jar lantern

I love mason jars, and these are simple and cute!!

what you need: any size mason jar, 19 gauge craft wire, pliers, wire cutters, tea light candles, decorative rocks.

                                                  bend the wire in half
start twisting the wire till you get to the end, when you get to the end wrap one side back around and twist both ends together. Trim off any extra.

Cut another piece of wire and bend it in half. Then measure around the top of the jar.Cut extra, but leave just a little to work with. Put the loops of your handle through the wire.

Place one piece of the wire through the looped section, then twist both pieces together.

Bend the wire in the direction that goes away from the loop. In my picture it is to the left. and twist. you may need pliers. Trim off extra.

and just like that you created a totally awesome, and unique lantern
you can add rocks, shells, sand, anything you want to the bottom.Then add a tea light candle, or a battery powered tea light.

Cranberry almond steak salad

This is so easy and quick to make, and its so delicious!

You will need:Romain lettuce,dried cranberries,almonds, Feta, Ken's steakhouse lite raspberry walnut vinaigrette, and a steak of your choice (I use a top sirloin fillet.)
season the steak lightly with Montreal steak seasoning. My husband does the grilling. because I'm pretty sure I would blow myself up trying to use our grill.

Then mix all ingredients in a large bowl, slice the steak, and add to the salad, and your ENJOY!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm blank because....

I'm weird because...
I hate milk
I really dislike doing my hair, even though I'm a hairstylist.
I prefer re drinking water out of bottles instead of glasses or cups.
I have favorite guilty pleasure shows like Greys Anatomy.
I'm totally ok with eating Cuban bread w/ butter for a meal.
I have a serious phobia of lizards
I get anxiety after I go shopping... or make big purchases(buyers remorse.)
I swear I'm addicted to coffee

I'm a bad friend because...
I suck at checking my voicemail.
I sometimes forget to return calls.
I don't like to commit to anything to far in advance.

I'm a good friend because...
I'm honest.
I love to make people laugh.
I'm always there when someone needs to vent.
I'm always there willing to help.

I'm sad because...
I miss my house in Florida ( our first home we bought)
I also miss my friends in Florida
Its almost time for Ava to start sleeping in a big girl bed.

I'm happy because...
Its the first year I have gotten to experience a Fall season,and its beautiful
Even though I miss a few things back home in Florida, I am really loving Georgia.
My mom only lives 4 hrs. away...compared to 18
I'm going to have a white Christmas this year!!

I'm excited for...
New beginnings
My husband and his new job
Ava being able to see snow
Using a fireplace because we actually need to use it, not just because I want it to feel more like the holidays(in FL. it would 70 degrees and we would have a fire going just bc it was Xmas)
Making new friends.
I get to decorate a new house!
Watching Ava open her presents

Sharing today because little miss momma did it!  

Moroccan Oil

  If I had to pick my number 1 favorite hair product of all time, it would Moraccan Oil. Its silky soft hair magic in a jar, and I LOVE it. It was always my biggest seller in the salon, simply because the product sells itself. Apply Moroccan Oil to damp hair, and style as usual. You will instantly notice how much softer your hair feels. "It revives your hair, strengthens and conditions, and reduces drying time" while a little pricey, a little bit goes along way. You only need 1 - 2 pumps.The jar will last you months. visit http://www.moroccanoil.com/ to learn more. or a salon near you


Sometimes life gets messy

  Its hard to believe someone so small can make the biggest messes! Thank goodness for nap time, now I can clean and blog ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Learning Patience

   Patience is something that I lack big time. I remember being pregnant and actually worrying that I wouldn't be a good mom because of my lack of it. I'm the kind of person that hates waiting for things. If I start a new workout I better have a tight tooshy, and a 6 pack by the end of the week ( if that) or I don't want to do it anymore. My husband is complete opposite, hes all cool,calm and collected all time. So it makes me feel even more like a crazy lady, when I'm having a moment, and hes over there acting like no big deal. Which actually is better because if was also acting crazy it would make things A lot worse. We even each other out...
    I actually think having a baby has helped, it has made appreciate every little moment. Even if it was a little frustrating at times because we couldn't get her to go to sleep.When she was finally asleep I would just stare at her, and be amazed at how peaceful she looked...Even though she had just been screaming for 20 min. straight.I try to never show my frustration in front of her.I have learned to take a deep breath, and  keep calm. I can't control everything that happens in life. So why fret over tiny little moments that will be forgotten about in 30 min.
    Today it all kind of hit me. I lost my debit card, A little frustrating, because I really wanted to go to Target. So I'm looking in every nook and cranny of my house. I climbed up and down the stairs like 20 times...(so now I'm annoyed and sweaty) I start crawling on the floor to feel under the couch, I look over and my daughter is also crawling on the floor, and attempting to look under the couch...copying my every move. I couldn't help but to laugh.
     Our kids are always watching us,learning from our every move, and seeing how we react in certain situations. I don't ever want her to see me angry over things like losing my debit card, because she will grow up and be the same way. So not that I wasn't always trying, but I'm going to make a point to try a little harder to take a minute and "count to 10". I'm sure I'll realize it wasn't worth it.
Just look at that smile! How can you not have a great day when you always have that little smile to look forward to!!

Cookie Recipie in a Jar

I think these are adorable. They make cute gifts for that person who you don't really know what to get them. I used to give them to a few of my clients when I worked in the salon. All they need to do is add 1 egg, 3/4 cup of butter (softened) and 1 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract!

What you will need:
1 1/2 cup all- purpose flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 cup of cocoa powder
3/4 cup of sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 1/4 cup red &green M&Ms
1/3 cup white chocolate chips
1 qt. mason jar

How to assemble
In a small bowl combine flour,baking soda,and salt. In a 1 qt. glass jar layer the flour mixture, cocoa,sugar,M&Ms, and white chocolate chips. HINT. after each layer go in with a paper towels and wipe off any powder that got on the sides of the jar. Add some ribbon and a tag with the directions and your good to go!!

( directions for baking: ADD 3/4 cup butter, 1 egg, 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract) In a large bowl combine butter, egg, and extract until well blended. Add contents if the jar and stir until mixed.
scoop 1 tbsp. of mix onto un greased baking sheet. Bake at 350 for 12-14 min.

I just want to add that I took like 10 pictures, of the ingredients,while I was assembling, and the final product, then realized my SD card wasn't in my camera...(awesome) So sorry for lack of pictures ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

A garden inspired 1st birthday

Well even though my little is almost 2, and I have started planning her 2nd, I stumbled upon pictures from her 1st birthday, and remembered all the fun I had decorating her little garden party...

Flower pot cupcakes
These are flower cookies, inside the pot is a cupcake..I got these pots at micheals for super cheap, and I painted them just to cute them up a little.. If you would like to know the recipie plz feel free to ask!!!

Turn a everyday store bought birthday banner into a slideshow. I loved this, everyone had a chance to see how she had grown over the past year. Its so simple, just tape some pictures to the sign, and you just made the party a little special!
I picked up these adorable tin watering pales at micheals for less than a dollar, we also used fabric for tables clothes, to make it a little more personalized.

Every birthday girl needs a birthday outfit!!  I found this on Etsy and had to purchase! check out her shop she has some adorable personalized birthday shirts,onsies,and tutus. http://www.stitcheroos.com/  
kept it casual with a bunch of finger foods.

I love planning parties, I can't wait to start thinking of ideas for her 2nd bday!!
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