Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Learning Patience

   Patience is something that I lack big time. I remember being pregnant and actually worrying that I wouldn't be a good mom because of my lack of it. I'm the kind of person that hates waiting for things. If I start a new workout I better have a tight tooshy, and a 6 pack by the end of the week ( if that) or I don't want to do it anymore. My husband is complete opposite, hes all cool,calm and collected all time. So it makes me feel even more like a crazy lady, when I'm having a moment, and hes over there acting like no big deal. Which actually is better because if was also acting crazy it would make things A lot worse. We even each other out...
    I actually think having a baby has helped, it has made appreciate every little moment. Even if it was a little frustrating at times because we couldn't get her to go to sleep.When she was finally asleep I would just stare at her, and be amazed at how peaceful she looked...Even though she had just been screaming for 20 min. straight.I try to never show my frustration in front of her.I have learned to take a deep breath, and  keep calm. I can't control everything that happens in life. So why fret over tiny little moments that will be forgotten about in 30 min.
    Today it all kind of hit me. I lost my debit card, A little frustrating, because I really wanted to go to Target. So I'm looking in every nook and cranny of my house. I climbed up and down the stairs like 20 times...(so now I'm annoyed and sweaty) I start crawling on the floor to feel under the couch, I look over and my daughter is also crawling on the floor, and attempting to look under the couch...copying my every move. I couldn't help but to laugh.
     Our kids are always watching us,learning from our every move, and seeing how we react in certain situations. I don't ever want her to see me angry over things like losing my debit card, because she will grow up and be the same way. So not that I wasn't always trying, but I'm going to make a point to try a little harder to take a minute and "count to 10". I'm sure I'll realize it wasn't worth it.
Just look at that smile! How can you not have a great day when you always have that little smile to look forward to!!


  1. My boyfriend and I are the same way, too...he's the calm one and I'm the dramatic one. LOL! Having a baby sure does teach us patience. I'm still trying to grasp it to this day. It's a work in progress, but you're's not good for them to see us all bent out of shape over something that's not too big of a deal. Great post! :)

  2. Mommy hood has made me appreciate mom's who do this on their own!!! i need my hubby all the time:) when things are too tough, he swoops in and can calm our littl eone down :)


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