Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mommy brain strikes again!!

Mommy brain Definition: the inability to think clearly, remember anything of any importance, or to function as an efficient and productive parent.

My list- juice, deodorant, razors

  As we are walking out the door A throws her sippy cup on the ground and it busts.( this is her new "thing" she throws things on the ground when you are trying to leave the house. then laughs as you bend down to pick it up)

New list- juice, deodorant, razors, sippy cup

  Arrive to Target. First I cruise the dollar section because...why not? Also I can't go into Target without checking out the baby section, the shoes, clothes....OK so I can't go into Target with out checking out pretty much the entire store. I give little A the deodorant to keep her entertained...she must have thrown that on the floor like 5 times. Finally we check out and head home.
  I come home and unload only to realize I forgot the juice.... of coarse! Not only did I forget the juice but this is what I ended up with

           deodorant, razors, sippy cup, craft glue, new socks for the girly, and a new shirt for me!

So I guess I'll be heading out a little later to pick up A's favorite juice ( V8 Vfusion LITE strawberry banana)

I blame Target for distracting me with isles of cute things that I "NEED"


  1. I hear ya! Target, Wal Mart...just about any store distracts me too! LOL! Clicked over from voiceboks...now following!


  2. LOL, this sounds JUST LIKE ME when I go to Target. I always get suckered in by the dollar section and then I have to make my way around the whole store. Happens all the time, no joke. And I always wonder how I somehow end up buying more than what I was supposed to buy. Damn you, Target!!! haha.

  3. Target is the bane of my existence...in a fabulous way. This happens to me every time I go there, too.

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