Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm blank because....

I'm weird because...
I hate milk
I really dislike doing my hair, even though I'm a hairstylist.
I prefer re drinking water out of bottles instead of glasses or cups.
I have favorite guilty pleasure shows like Greys Anatomy.
I'm totally ok with eating Cuban bread w/ butter for a meal.
I have a serious phobia of lizards
I get anxiety after I go shopping... or make big purchases(buyers remorse.)
I swear I'm addicted to coffee

I'm a bad friend because...
I suck at checking my voicemail.
I sometimes forget to return calls.
I don't like to commit to anything to far in advance.

I'm a good friend because...
I'm honest.
I love to make people laugh.
I'm always there when someone needs to vent.
I'm always there willing to help.

I'm sad because...
I miss my house in Florida ( our first home we bought)
I also miss my friends in Florida
Its almost time for Ava to start sleeping in a big girl bed.

I'm happy because...
Its the first year I have gotten to experience a Fall season,and its beautiful
Even though I miss a few things back home in Florida, I am really loving Georgia.
My mom only lives 4 hrs. away...compared to 18
I'm going to have a white Christmas this year!!

I'm excited for...
New beginnings
My husband and his new job
Ava being able to see snow
Using a fireplace because we actually need to use it, not just because I want it to feel more like the holidays(in FL. it would 70 degrees and we would have a fire going just bc it was Xmas)
Making new friends.
I get to decorate a new house!
Watching Ava open her presents

Sharing today because little miss momma did it!  


  1. i like your list! :) i hope you enjoy a "white christmas" .. i live in tennessee and i can't wait to escape the cold season. the grass is always greener! :) have a lovely weekend!

  2. great great post! you have an adorable family and we have a lot of these in common :) have a great weekend! xoxo, ashley


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