Monday, November 14, 2011

A garden inspired 1st birthday

Well even though my little is almost 2, and I have started planning her 2nd, I stumbled upon pictures from her 1st birthday, and remembered all the fun I had decorating her little garden party...

Flower pot cupcakes
These are flower cookies, inside the pot is a cupcake..I got these pots at micheals for super cheap, and I painted them just to cute them up a little.. If you would like to know the recipie plz feel free to ask!!!

Turn a everyday store bought birthday banner into a slideshow. I loved this, everyone had a chance to see how she had grown over the past year. Its so simple, just tape some pictures to the sign, and you just made the party a little special!
I picked up these adorable tin watering pales at micheals for less than a dollar, we also used fabric for tables clothes, to make it a little more personalized.

Every birthday girl needs a birthday outfit!!  I found this on Etsy and had to purchase! check out her shop she has some adorable personalized birthday shirts,onsies,and tutus.  
kept it casual with a bunch of finger foods.

I love planning parties, I can't wait to start thinking of ideas for her 2nd bday!!


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  2. I love what you did with the birthday banner. I wish I'd done something like that for my son's first birthday. Cute garden theme! Hard to believe she's going to be 2 huh?

  3. So cute! Dropping by from MBC. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!


  4. Hi there, dropping by from MBC. I'm new to blogging too. Very cute pics and birthday parties are so fun for little girls. My little girl just turned 10 and had her first spa party with manis/pedis and a photo shoot. All done at our house it was crazy but fun :) You can find my blog at and my FB page Great to see your blog!

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  6. awe what a little cutie! My daughter will be 2 next month.Little girls are so much fun! I can totally relate to the lack of adult convo. Looking forward to reading more.

    new follower from MBC.

  7. your blog!your daughter is super cute!♥

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