Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shabby chic antique

  This weekend my hubby and I went to this antiques market that only open once a month. I have never been to a antiques market before.There were hundreds of vendors with tons of interesting pieces, and everywhere I looked I got so inspired.
  Our trip was kind of just spur of the moment, the market was only open for 2 more hours.Which come to find out is the best time to go because the vendors have been there all day maybe selling maybe not, so they are getting a little desperate to make money, and are a little easier to haggle with (ill leave the haggling to my husband.)
  We came across this totally amazing table for our entry way. I have been looking for something to go there for a while, and when I saw this I had to have it. We managed to get it for $15 cheaper than asking price. I think we will definitely be going to this next month!


  1. I loooooove pieces like this! And I love deals :) Thanks for stopping by my blog-

  2. beautiful table!!!

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