Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New job,new state,NEW LIFE

Recently my husband recieved a promotion at his job,which took over my income working as a hairstylist and has allowed me to be a stay-at-home mommy! Only one draw back...we had to pack up our home in Tampa,Fl. and move to Georgia. So we rented our house out, and we are currently renting a cute little townhouse in beautiful Cumming, GA. So far everything is great here. Trying to make new friends is a little tough since im not working, but it will come. We moved here in the begining of October, we got to expierence a Fall season ( living in florida we don't have seasons) and soon we will be expierencing a REAL winter seaon(super excited) Being a stay at home mom is great, But it doesn't lack challenges. I have been a hairstylist for 5 years at an AMAZING salon in tampa (shout out to my ladies @ shear art salon and spa!!) going from being around a bunch of funny, gossiping women for a few hrs a day to being home with a alomst 2 year old, with no adult contact untill my husband gets home from work can be rough. But I am so blessed to be able to home with my little darling!! I'm also blessed to be discovering new interest such as photography, crafting, and BLOGGING of coarse!


  1. I live in from Tampa =) Wonder if we ever ran across each other lol. New follower from MBC would love the follow back

  2. I'm currently a SAHM as well and I agree with you on the "no adult contact" all day. It can make me feel crazy sometimes.

  3. small world, we lived in Tampa for 7 years, then Ohio for 3 (our roots) now in Denver hopefully to stay and raise our family for the next 18 years. I know how it goes meeting new pals in a new area, we have 3 small kids and so it's rare that I leave the house too much. makes it a little difficult to meet ppl right now.


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