Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY: Painted Twin Bed

A few months ago my neighborhood held a community yard sale. It was the first yard sale we ever had, and we ends up making over $100! I couldn't believe it.

In the down time I would take Ava around the neighborhood in her stroller to check out every one's junk. I spotted this great Sleigh twin bed for only $20!
It's nice solid wood, and only had a little crack on the side. Since we would be painting it, I figured that crack would be an easy fix.

We already have a twin bed in our guest room, that I plan to make it Ava's new bed, and I had been looking for a head and foot board, this was perfect, and for only $20 how could I resist?

With a little bit of white paint, it looks good as new. We filled in that crack and sanded it down a little and you can't even see it anymore.

I'm so happy with how the bed turned out. It looks brand new! We are starting the moving process again. Once we get settled into our new house I will show you more pictures of this bed in action in Ava's new room. For now it will have to stay in the garage until moving day.

For this project all you need is some White semi gloss paint, a paint brush, and a small paint roller!


  1. What an awesome find for only $20!! I can't wait to see the pictures of your new house! :)

  2. that's beautiful! sometimes i'm amazed what people will get rid of! all it takes is a little can-do attitude and some imagination. Good find!


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