Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Hoop Tent

I have been wanting one of these hoop tents (for my daughter of course) for a while now.  I love this one from The Land of Nod, but I really didn't think I could convince my husband that my 3 year old needed a $150 hanging tent, with a $69 floor cushion...  

So I started looking up tutorials online, I didn't think this would be to hard to replicate. I'm not an expert seamstress and I needed something easy. Easy Like with diagrams, and small words... and arrows pointing to things telling me what to do.

There are quit a few tutorials on how to make these but this one was by far the easiest, and had everything I needed, by that I mean diagrams, and arrows...

Since I was trying to do this on the cheap, I decided to brave the gates of Hell Walmart and get supplies:

2 twin flat sheets
1 hula hoop
and a cheap .97 banner I found in the party section

Seriously this project was so easy, I'm pretty confident if I can understand it, then anyone can. 

Here is our new hoop tent!

I kind of LOVE it!

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  1. Great job! I am so glad you found my tutorial to be helpful. I hope your little one enjoys her new tent.


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