Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

 It started off like every other day...Woke up to my daughter poking me in the face. " Hi Mum Mum, hi!" apparently shes a little British. I rolled over and tried to pretend I didn't hear or see her, in hopes that she would curl up and go back to sleep. This never happens but I always try anyway.

 I finally decide to get up when I hear her playing with toilet water in my bathroom. We make it half way down the stairs, when she starts calling out for " Ba-ey, Elbow, Uppy" These are the FOUR stuffed animals she has to sleep with. Barney, Elmo, and she has two puppies. Why all four? Who knows, but I have to admit, when she comes stumbling in my room in the middle of the night with her crazy curly bed head, while holding all for of these stuffed animals... its pretty stinkin cute! Anyways So I walk back up the stairs and grab her babies, and anything else I might need.

 My old house didn't have stairs, and I'm starting to hate them. I make sure I get EVERYTHING I need for the day before I come down, because I'm not going back up there, unless I have to!

 Ok so back to the story... first things first, I have to get my coffee going, nothing good happens in the morning before my coffee. Something about knowing that its brewing makes me feel better. Thanks to my keurig this process only takes like 5 seconds. Ava eats, watches Barney...blah blah... same thing every morning.

 Then it all goes down hill from here...

 I go to change her diaper, its an all out battle trying to get another diaper on her. After 10 minutes of her actin a fool, I finally get the stupid diaper on. " HA, I win!" That's what I'm thinking so myself.

 Not even 5 minutes later she comes running around the corner wearing nothing but her shirt, and her plastic barbie heels.She took the dang thing off! I tried to put it back on...FAIL.I tried to get her to at least cover up and wear pants...FAIL. Finally I had it, I was not going to spend the day hearing her screaming like crazy... " fine be naked and see what happens!" I swear the way she looked at me after that, I could just tell she was saying "HA, I win!"

 At this point Ava wasn't 2 yet. This was about 2-3 weeks before she turned 2. I wasn't planning on potty training until after she was 2. She hadn't shown any signs of being ready, she wouldn't even sit on the potty.

 So that being said... yes she peed on herself, a few times. She didn't like it, I didn't like it, but the kid wouldn't put clothes on. Not only that, she kept going behind the curtains on my glass sliding doors, So anyone who would have maybe been outside(we don't have a fenced backyard) would have seen my naked child standing there, probably peeing on herself. This is parenting at its best!

 I finally got her to wear something, it wasn't a diaper, it was the little bloomers that go with her dresses. Not that it did anything, but at least she was covered up. By nap time she FINALLY let me put a diaper on her. For the rest of the day it was off and on.. and this continued for about 3 days total. I was desperately hoping it was just a faze, and that I wasn't going to have a two year old nudist who sometimes said words in a British  accent.

 I think it might have on the 3rd day, I hear her say "pee pee" I'm thinking there is no way! I take her to sit on the potty and can you believe she went! I wasn't prepared for this! I had nothing to give her to make her feel special, except for these Three wolf moon stickers, my brother got my husband as a joke.

  ( if you don't know what Three wolf moon is, please click here, and read the first review about the "dual function design" its a completely ridiculous review somebody gave this wolf t-shirt on amazon, and it will make your day!) Because of this one review this T-shirt has gone viral, and has been on the news, and even on the show The Office.

 Sorry back to my story...

 From that day on Ava has been potty trained. She learned in just 3 days! A pretty good amount of time has gone by, and she has done amazing. I have never felt so proud. Its amazing, the feeling you get when you see your child learning.

 She is also wearing clothes again...

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  1. HA HA. That is way too funny. Mommyhood doesn't come with instructions or things to look forward to and when you can expect them. Each child is different. Your little one sounds soo cute and funny. Reminds me of my daughter. She just turned 2 last week and has had the same sassy attitude yours seemed to have lol. Good luck with parenting and blogging :)

  2. Yay for Ava on being potty trained in 3 days! I love how she calls you "Mum"!

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