Monday, February 20, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

 I consider myself to be a pretty forgetfull person. I'm not forgetfull when it comes to remembering people, names, song lyrics... or all the other useless information that fills my brain.

 I'm forgetfull when it comes to remembering to pick up something while I'm at the store, or remembering where I put my phone, where I put my purse, or where I put my keys ( because why would they ever be hanging on the nice little key hanger thing I bought, so that I wouldn't misplace them.)

 I like to blame it on my daughter ,and call it mommy brain.  I'm trying to not be accountable for the fact the I may need ginko biloba at the age of 25.

 I realized that the root of my absent mind-ness, is that I'm always in a rush to get somewhere, or if I'm not in a rush, I feel rushed. Even though my daughter is two. I still think of the days when I could just get up and go without having to make sure I have back up everything, juice, a snack and whatever else.

  I would like to say I never forget things for Ava... only myself. She is my number one priority, but in the midst of making sure she has everything she needs, I forget that I just might need my wallet containing my money to be able to purchase the itmes I went out to buy...

 So now that I found the root of my forgetfullness issue, I can work on it. I still don't quite know why I'm always rushing, but I am now aware that I am doing that. I'm trying to have a we will get there when we get there attitude. So with that in mind, heres the story of what happend yesterday...

 We have a couple Toys R Us giftcards that I want to spend, I love getting stuff for Ava especially when its free. When she gets new things its like I'm getting new things. Anyways My husband didn't want to come, but I made him. It was a totally blah day, cold and rainy. He asked me if I had both giftcards and I said yes.

 Before we even get out of our neighborhood, I then decide to double check to make sure I had both. Well I didn't I only had one. He didn't want to turn around, but again... I made him. He handed me the keys, I ran back inside, grabbed the giftcard, and ran back outside to the car.

  I reach to give him the keys... UH OH! Where are the keys!! I turn to go back inside the house, and the door is locked! AWESOME... Some where along the way in my rushing around I left the keys on the kitchen counter, opened the front door, and locked the inside lock on the door knob ( something that I do often), shut the door, and started back to the car on my merry way.

 Since I'm a little paranoid about robbers, there was no chance of another door being unlocked. We were locked out of our own house, in the cold, rainy weather. FAIL!

 One locksmith and $120.00 later, we were back in our house. Thats right $120.00!!! and It only took the guy 5 minutes to open the door. I felt so bad. Like anyone can really afford to spend that much money on something so stupid. No matter how much money you have, it still stings to have to fork over that amount of money for a careless mistake.

 We decided to stay in the house the rest of the day. I'm looking forward to when I'll be able to bring this again as a joke " remember the time I locked us all out of the house in the rainy cold weather, then we have to waste $120.00 on a locksmith to get back in! wasn't that hillarious!"


  1. ROFL! I totally hear you! I don't have kids and I would forget my head weren't attached. My desk at work looks like a post it pad threw up all over it... it helps with remembering what I have to do, but it's not so pretty!


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  4. Oh no!! That totally sucks and is something I would definitely hate to happen. But I'm right there with you on the "Mommy Brain". I used to make fun of my mom all the time for losing her keys, but now I find myself saying "Where's my keys?" all the time. Hope you get to use the gift cards this weekend! :)

  5. I don't have kids, but I can become very scatter brained, always feel rushed or the need to be doing something. I can't imagine what it will be like when I have children! lol


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