Thursday, March 29, 2012

20 something going on 75

 You know that expression people use when asked how old their child is, " She's 10 going on 20." I have never really paid much attention to it, until now. Now that I can relate to it, and I'm not talking about my 2 year old, I'm talking about my husband and I. Last Saturday we drove about an hour north to go hit up some antique shops... we had a nice little Saturday, Enjoying the sights of some country mountains, and some old collectibles and such...

 Yeah going antiquing, that's our new "thing" apparently. Don't laugh to hard, we have gotten some pretty cool pieces of furniture for our house. Ok you can laugh... The fact that I used the term " had a nice little Saturday" had me laughing a while ago.

When we got home, Ava took a nap, and Tyler fell asleep on the couch while watching TV, and I started baking my Easter cake pops... Wow we are an exciting bunch over here. The sight of my husband napping in the middle of the day because he was so worn out from antiquing, randomly waking up to things like the oven timer going off, painted a picture of the old grandpa who sits in his chair all day long and sleeps every 2 hours like a baby. I can't make fun of him to much, I was baking... classic old couple scenario.

 We are 20 something year olds going on 75!

 Another instance of our rapid aging problem: This passed Christmas my mom asked me what she should get for Tyler, and I quote: " think of an 80 year old man, and whatever pops into your mind, then that is the perfect gift."  So you can imagine his excitement when he opened up a new robe, a pair of pj's, and moccasin slippers. I got a sewing machine, which is not an old person thing, but just think of the scenario I am playing out for you, now instead of baking, I am sewing, and my husband is still napping...

 We are both such homebodies, I have always kind of been like that. I enjoy the comforts of my home, maybe because it feels so homey with all my cool antique purchases. I enjoy that we have our "shows" that we watch on TV. Maybe instead of "shows" I will start calling them "programs." Its a little more fitting.

 At least we are in this together. And at least we have our daughter who keeps us young... or not she might actually be the problem to our tiredness, and that grey hair I found on my head the other day.

 We use to be cool, maybe being in Georgia is the problem... We are away from our Florida roots. We need sand and the ocean in our soul. Also extreme humidity, and sweat, that's part of the Florida package. Good thing we are going back, I'm not sure when but it is happening, and happening BIG. We are buying a house within 3 miles from the beach!

 Who am I kidding, we were like this before we moved to Georgia. Next thing you know Tyler will be rocking floral Tommy Bahama shirts, and I'll have a skirt attached to my bathing suit...

At least Ava thinks we are cool...for now...


  1. Ok. I'm a new FB follower and I gotta say it - YOU are enjoyable. Congrats on reaching your FB goal! Looking forward to getting to know your blog : )

  2. She is so beautiful! YOu take the best pictures! LOVE!


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