Friday, March 16, 2012

The Letter K

I love alphabet photography, I also love the weekly photo challenge over at Our Reflection. This week's theme is "letters."

Something about this type of photography speaks to my artistic/creative side. Finding something, in nothing is fun to me.

When looking for letters for this challenge I actually had about 3 cool ones, but something about this "K" stood out to me.

This letter actually came from a wooden gazebo that is on this little pond next to my husband's work. I happen to notice the wood work on it while driving by, and immediately thought I bet there is a letter on there.

So, I turned around to go look at it, and sure enough...

pretty Cool huh?

Here is where I'm linking up...

Come join in the fun!!


  1. Very creative! I'm your newest GFC follower! Thank for linking up.

  2. Wood is always so unique and pretty. Very clever you are for finding the K :)


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