Monday, March 12, 2012

My apologies to you

 Pre- children, where you  judgmental of moms and their parenting abilities? Did you frown upon people who sometimes used their TV as a babysitter, and had to occasionally go through a drive through for lunch? What about to those Mommy's with screaming kids at the grocery store? Did you ever find yourself thinking " if that were my child I would"...(insert some completely ridiculous action, and only if you have never had kids sounds good) 

 I'll admit it, I did. Its easy to look at other people whom you know nothing about and say they aren't doing a good job, and you could do it better.

 I'm sure the time I was at the grocery store and Ava was acting up so I gave her my phone to watch Barney on YouTube, then she terrible two style threw it on the ground, and of coarse it busted open and the battery flew out.. well I'm sure people were judging me...and I knew it, and it felt crappy.

 I knew in that moment,that she would eventually stop acting that way. I also knew that I was doing all I could to keep her entertained. But to an onlooker I'm sure I looked dis-shoveled, and crazy. I'm sure I got a few "if that were my child thoughts thrown my way" As if I can predict when a tantrum is going to happen.

 So I am apologizing to all the parents I have ever judged. Because now I know they were doing the best they could.

This post is brought to you by this wild child picture of my daughter wearing a pj shirt, undies, plastic barbie high heels, and Tampa Bay bucs necklace... oh and some craziness going on with her hair. For the record, I would never leave the house with her like this! ;)


  1. This is probably my favorite of your post so far! Unfortunately I too have made many judgments towards other people before actually becoming a mom myself. We are quickly approaching the "terrible twos" and yes it feels pretty awful to be on the other side of those judgments! I agree, we all do the best we can

  2. So funny because I was just thinking this the other day. I used to be just like you before I had my son. Now I try not to judge too much because I would hate for someone to do the same to me. Adorable photo, by the way! :)

  3. It's so true, I think everybody at some point does it.
    I'm guilty of using the TV as a babysitter :/ and taking Jeremy to the grocery store gets hard sometimes.
    But seriously, being a single mom, people don't understand how hard it is sometimes, like you can't control how they act! lol
    There is a reason people call it the terrible 2s


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