Friday, May 18, 2012

I Take Grey's Very Seriously, and a chance to win $400.00

WARNING: This post contains major Grey's Anatomy spoilers...

Any other Grey's Anatomy fans out there? How disappointed are you with the season finale? I knew there was going to be a death, but I am so not happy about it being Lexi! I was wanting Lexi and Mark to end up together, I loved that whole story in the show.

Not only did they show the death within the first 20 minutes of the show, as if that wasn't enough, they leave you hanging big time with Mark barely clinging to life, and Arizona not doing well either. I wish that they would have at least been found and taken back to the hospital. I would have felt better about the ending.

Obviously I take my Greys very seriously... I know I need to get a life. Don't be jealous over my exciting life of tv watching, and blog ranting. As I'm writing this I'm in shock/ a little embarrassed/ making fun of myself about how this last show of the season totally ruined my night, and that I'm still thinking about it the next day. Can someone please remind me this is just a show, and I don't know these people personally?

Did you watch the finale, What did you think?

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  1. I was totally disappointed! The whole show is beginning to beyond believable. How many people survive a plane crash? They just punched a hole in Mark's heart. I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure he should be dead by now without drugs. I, too, wanted to see Lexi and Mark back together. Now we have to watch Kepner and Avery...another unlikely pair.

  2. ok, so I watched all 7 seasons on netflix because I was bored and thought why not. Now I am completely hooked and having major withdrawals of grey's!! I haven't seen any of this season, except for the last 20 min of last night's now i'm completely confused that hunt is the new chief?! Avery and that girl are together?? Lexi and Mark never got back together?! Seriously! And they have a contract for another 2! So I'm dying to watch this season lol

  3. I'm an RN and Grey's really drives me crazy with how ridiculously unbelievable it is. I watch anyway, of course, like any other pop culture fanatic. I am so sad about Lexie, Mark would totally have the worst infection imaginable and die immediately if this were even close to real, I think Derrick's going to have some serious damage to his hand and there will be a whole story line about him not being able to do surgery, I'm really worried about Arizona, and I can't believe they ended it with no real closure!!! AAHHH!! I love it!!!


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