Thursday, May 3, 2012

Outdoorsy Girl

  I have been a little absent lately, and I'm sorry I have a very demanding child and I'm having to get use to her ALWAYS wanting to go outside and "pyay" I think she could live outside. I usually take her out to play for about an hour or two before nap time. Then sometimes after that we will go out back and play with her new little water table I just got her, which she loves. She is really into playing with water. I could give her a plastic bowl full of water and a spoon and she is a happy camper. So the water table was the best $30 I have spent!

I thought her how to water flowers, so she is really into watering things, whether it's weeds, or a fake plant inside the house, they all get watered.. I  really love how she grabs the flower weed, and dumps water directly on top of it :)

I hate to admit it, but I have that kid who goes into neighbors yards and pulls their newly planted flowers out of the ground...

 Tuesday I think I even went above and beyond, after Ava's gymnastics class, I took her to the park. I thought I had really worn her out good, which is my main goal in life these days "Make Ava tired, run her ragged." just kidding about the running her ragged part, that seems a little harsh. Anyways little to my surprise she was even harder to get down for a nap then normal. I think she knows my plan, and what I'm trying to do, so she fought it... HARD!  It's funny though because today we barely did anything, hung around the house, then went swimming for 30 minutes, and BAM! she's out just like that.

 I have to admit though,there are some day when I don't want to go outside! It's hot dangit! Kids don't care if it's hot, cold, raining, they just want to play. Does that make me a bad mom? I'm sorry that I don't have all these cool kid crafts to do. I pin them on pinterest all the time and never do them. She does enjoy finger painting though... I just try to save that for rainy days. I tried to get her cutie little hand prints, and they looked like gigantic blobs of smeared paint. Am I the only mom that can't make A hand print fish and octopus? She doesn't really get it, because in her mind why just stay on the paper when I could be painting the walls in the garage?

 Pinned Image

There she is, a little Picasso. Sorry for the dumb cell phone picture. Painting is very high pressure situation with my kid, you never know when she is going to get up and dump paint everywhere. I was unprepared. Oh and don't mind my beautiful garage.


  1. She is SO CUTE!!! Great shots!

  2. Oh my gosh, are talkng about me-lol! We go thru the same stuff. Buggy luvs to be outside no matter the weather, luvs to water the plants and paints everything. Too bad we didn't live closer so they could play together-lol! She is adorable!

  3. Aw she's so cute! My girls love playing with water outside and recently have been coming in covered head to toe in mud!

  4. That is exactly what happens when I try to do hand print crafts! It almost always ends in a fight!!


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