Monday, April 30, 2012

WIW: Wedding Edition link up!

 Megan from Absolute Mommy is celebrating her 7th wedding anniversary with a WIW wedding edition, fun right? Who doesn't love looking at their pictures from their wedding.

 My husband and I got married on March 9, 2011. Yep we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. After being a couple for 4 years, we took the plunge! I wasn't really into having a huge wedding, I wanted something small, and intimate. Well it doesn't get much smaller and intimate than just the two of us on the beach in Hawaii!!

This is where we got married, it's called Shipwreck Beach.. I don't know the Hawaiian name for it, but that's the tourist name for it! It's even more amazing in person!
We took the the 11 hour journey from Florida to Kauai Hawaii, hung out for 2 days, got married on the 3rd day, and honeymooned for the next 5 days. For us it was PERFECT, Kauai Hawaii is unbelievably beautiful, it's like nothing we had ever seen before.
 This is me on my wedding day. I did my own hair, and makeup. I wanted an actual wedding dress. When I started looking at dresses I thought I wanted a flowy beachy dress, but once I started trying them on, I realized I still wanted a REAL dress, and I'm happy Because I think it made the pictures better.
Dress- David's Bridal
shoes- none
hair clip- made by me ;)
and I had my moms diamond earrings on

I didn't have any other jewelry on, just a lay, and no veil... just keeping it simple.

I actually had to ship my dress to Hawaii a few days before we arrived, because I didn't want to have to carry it on, and have it get all wrinkled. This was a little scary, what if it had got lost! The lady we Hired to help me coordinate was so helpful, she picked this location, ordered my bouquet, and our lays and let me ship my dress to her house, she took it out of the bag and let it hang so it wouldn't be wrinkled. Little did I know she had a dog named Jason, and little figurines all over her house, and her mom sits in her living room watching wheel of fortune all day...  Living the Hawaiian lifestyle I guess??

Oh yeah, Tyler was there to :)

you can read more about Tyler and I, and how we met HERE

Come join in!!


  1. What a beautiful wedding! If/when we renew our vows, it will be done on the beach! :) Visiting from WIW! :)

  2. I love beach weddings and you looked amazing in that dress!! Found you from the link-up! -Jessica

  3. What a beautiful wedding. I have chills. I have always wanted to get married on the beach, we settled on a traditional wedding but mark my words when we renew our vows it will be done on the beach in hawaii. You looked gorgeous!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous pictures! If we didn't have such big families I think we would have done a beach wedding somewhere too. :)

    stopping by from the link-up.

  5. Everything about this is perfect!

  6. You look amazing. I love destination weddings.

  7. So beautiful!! I love the picture of you at sunset - the lighting is fabulous and you look radiant!

  8. You are stunning!! We love Kauai too! How fun to get married there!!

  9. beautiful! gorgeous dress! love destination weddings, esp in hawaii

  10. A destination wedding never looked better than this! So wish we had done that!! XO

  11. you were a stunning bride!!

  12. So stunning! You are beautiful friend! Loved the Hawaiian wedding. So want to do this to renew the vows with the hubbs!
    Thanks for linking up!

  13. I'm working on one of these posts too! I love seeing what everyone wore on their wedding day. You looked beautiful. Sometimes I wish we had done something small and simple like this too. I loved my wedding day but there was so much going on that it's kind of all a blur. Thank god for tons of pictures and video.

  14. Wow you looked amazing. We renewed our vows after 12 years at a resort in Barbados. It was awsome. I hope you have a very joy filled life together!


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