Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reason # 1...

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Reason # 1 Why my BF and I were meant for each other:
We have totally awesome text convos through out the day,where we randomly send each other funny pictures we find on pinterest, which then leads to completely random spin off topics that only the 2 of us would ever think are funny. That's reason # 2 by the way, she thinks I'm hilarious, and I think she's hilarious. Reality one ever really gets our jokes...

I would like to share our conversation last night:
(back story to this picture, she has 2 cats that she just bought leashes for...I have have no comment..)

ME: I saw this picture and it reminded me of you...
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KIM: hahaha omg it's so true!

ME: You neighbors are probably like " there's that girl trying to walk her cats again..."

KIM: This cracks me up

ME: hahaha, I always love when people have no kids but have like 5 dogs, and 2 cats

KIM: Me too! I think I've seen a hampster one

ME: Are you kidding! My brother got me a pack of those, and a penguin snuggie for Christmas"

KIM: Hahaha, what was he thinking, that is sooo funny! I bet you use the snuggie though, don't lie. Please don't use the family stickers...

ME: I must admit having the use of your hands while still being able to stay warm and cozy under a blanket is pretty convenient.

KIM: Now that's funny! I'm cracking up, I picture you in your snuggie doing everything around the house.

ME: Oh and those stickers are long gone, I went up t random cars that had them and added a family member... JK I let Ava play with them.

Me: I'm actually considering doing this, I could be the next YouTube sensation!

KIM: aahhh... don't do that!

ME: What I could do it in my snuggie...

Ok so then we go on to talk about other dumb things, like how all she does at work it watch "The Office" on her lap top. We both love that show, so then of coarse we do quick re caps of funny episodes...


PS. I don't condone the shooting of stick figure families, and if you have one on your car, I'm cool with it, this was just a joke!

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