Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge...Theme: Shadows

I am linking up once again to Our Reflection weekly photo challenge. Theme: Shadows

I photographed this picture for a friend, after I begged her to let me take Maternity pictures for her. Hey it was a win win, I got some practice in, and she got pretty little memories of her pregnancy.

This photograph is a perfect example of back lighting. Where the light is coming from behind the subject, causing the subject to be darker. Here I talk more about some photography tips.

Last day to link up!
Our Reflection Photo Challenge


  1. I love this! A very beautiful keepsake! -Jessica

  2. Very pretty photo. I'm stopping by from the photo challenge. Take care

  3. I'm stopping by from there too. This really celebrates the female form fantastically. Xx

  4. Awesome photo!!! I love the lighting. :)


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