Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fighting the Frump

I remember the days when I worked in the salon, I had a reason to get dressed in fun outfits, get my hair all pretty, and slap some makeup on. Now a days I have traded in going to the salon everyday making people (including myself) look and feel pretty to becoming a servant to my slave driving 2 year old all day. I get so wrapped up in doing everything for her, and making sure the things around my house are getting done that it leaves little time for me to make myself look like a respected member of society. When I finally do have time, during those 2 glorious hours of nap time, I usually have other things that I need to do like blogging :).  I also will talk myself out of it because it's already 2:00 and what's the point? My favorite excuse I come with the help me feel less lazy is this "I'm not doing anything, so I don't want to waste makeup." I'm laughing at the stupidity as I type it.

 However in the midst of my frump, Ava always looks adorable, she is always dressed cute, I try to have her hair done, even though she pulls it out if we are at home. this is
my favorite new do of hers:

I think getting up, and making yourself feel pretty is important, I don't know where I lost this attitude along the way. I know for me it puts me in a better mood,I find I actually get more things done when I am dressed and ready to go somewhere. And even if I didn't do much that day I still feel like I accomplished more just because I put on a pair of pants other than my yoga pants which by the way have never been to yoga.

 So I decided I am going to Fight the frump! That's right I am going to make the frump my bitch. An my blog is going to help me do it.

 Me personally, if its 12:00 in the afternoon and I am still not dressed the chances of me getting pretty for the day are slim to none! So I am going to make an effort to get up and get dressed, just like I would if I had some where to be. I'm not saying I will do this everyday, especially on a rainy day when I know I will most likely be in doors all day, but I am going to try a little harder... for myself!

I also think I'm going to start participating in the WIWW link up at the pleated poppy, that way I can guarantee at least one day a week I will lookcute. Also because it will give me a chance to get fun with my outfits. Seriously just because I'm dressed doesn't mean it's fashionable. Jeans and a plain shirt are the usual suspects.

I am a stinkin hairstylist for crying out loud, why is my hair not done! It's not that hard to flat iron or curl my hair. Once it's done I can rock it for a few days. And thanks to Redken's new dry shampoo "Powder Refresh" it will smell nice a fresh to. So I'm think I need to up my hair tutorials, just another reason to do something with myself.
powder refresh 01
The point is, is that just because we are moms doesn't mean we can't think about ourselves every now and then! HMMMM a " Fight the Frump Friday" weekly link up sounds like it might in order... Would you guys participate?

 To see more tips on fighting the frump, visit me at Parent Society!


  1. Oh please oh please do easy hair tutorials!

  2. I feel you girl! I am almost always in my yoga pants/workout clothes/pajamas for the day too and it's like another chore to get ready most days! I do feel a lot better about myself if I just take ten minutes in the morning though, so I force myself too. Looking forward to watching you make "the frump" your bitch :)

  3. great post!! I think we Moms all deal with fighting the frump...poor dh (dear hubby)...BUT it's all worth it when it's date night and Mama gets her face paint on, the blowdryer, flat iron and HEELS all dusted off! :) I'm trying to throw my yoga frump to the ditch and accessorize! No time for makeup, sunglasses! Hair's a mess, how 'bout a cute hat? and don't forget the lip gloss!

  4. I think fighting the frump is an ongoing battle. I go into the office 3 days a week, so that makes me get dressed up. The other days, I usually consider 'getting ready' putting on my nicer yoga pants. Pathetic, I know.

  5. Oh- I know what you mean. My problem lately is that I can't get ready without books being thrust at me and tiny hands finding their way into bathroom drawers to pull out millions of q-tips. I do get dressed most days because we're out a lot but my hair is in a constant messy bun or braid which is pretty pathetic.
    I love doing Aubs hair like that too, when she lets me.

  6. I totally know what you mean. My rule has been that no matter what I shower and get dressed and apply makeup even if its crudy out and I'm not going anywhere. Makes me feel better and Now its just automatic. If I'm in sweats even after I shower I totally feel frumpy and blah


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