Monday, April 16, 2012

Living Life, Terrible 2 Style

 I haven't done much blogging about what's going on with my little Ava in quit a while. Well she is TWO nuff' said. Seriously though she is every bit of a 2 year old, she is curious, hyper, she wants to touch everything, she has to walk when when go to stores, AND help push the cart. Sitting in the cart would be nice, I like to point out kids her age at the store who are sitting in the carts like good little children.. " look Ava, look at that kid, just sitting there quietly while his mom shops." I guess I will take her not sitting in shopping carts over changing diapers. That's right she is potty trained, like survived trips out of the house wearing undies potty trained.

 Since she is potty trained it triggers something in her to take off her all her clothes when she is at home.
At least she is a lady and left her shoes on...

  Another thing that comes along with 2 year olds, is picky eaters. I have officially changed the name of Macaroni and Cheese to "cheese pasta." If she hears you say macaroni and cheese, (or mac-n-chz as I like to call it) she won't eat it. Cheese Pasta on the other hand is a completely different meal in her mind. So cheese pasta it is.

 Something else that is new...I'm starting to consider banning crayons, or any other type of drawing mechanism. Kid's don't really need to color right? Are you wondering why I would do such a mean thing? Why tell you, when I could show you:

She is really into coloring right now, she always asks my husband or I to draw something for her, usually it's a "ishy" (Fish)  which is pretty easy to draw. But the other day when she asked me to draw a bunch of different things from a puppy to Barney.
 WARNING: the Elmo I drew may cause nightmares

These are all a little scary if you ask me, but amazingly Ava knew exactly what they were. I was pretty impressed, not with her, but my drawing.

She is growing up to be such a little beauty. I love her so much! Everyday is something new. I love watching her learn new things, I feel proud when she says a new word. She has turned in to such a daddy's girl, and I hate  LOVE it ;)


  1. Oh my gosh!!
    Jeremy is totally there!
    He's not technically 2 yet, he's only 15 months old but he's there.
    He is THE PICKIEST eater as well, and he needs to put everything in his mouth, and wants to walk everywhere we go.
    And I'm so scared when he learns to draw, oh no.
    What a nightmare lol

    I feel you!

  2. Oh wow, that all sounds so familliar. My little girl is 2 too!!!

  3. It must be the name. I have an Ava too. She is 6 now, but still the same way. I've had to ban markers to only the kitchen table! My 15 month old is on her way to being the same way as well. Never a boring day! I'm nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Head to my site to check out the details at

  4. She is so cute! That's so great that she's potty trained. You know where I am with this right now- she'll spend a whole afternoon in underwear and sitting on the potty but won't go. Then when we have to leave the house or get ready for bed and I put her diaper on, she goes pee immediately. Awesome, right? As far as crayons go- I've started putting them away and then taking them out again when we are sitting down together coloring. Otherwise I would spend half of her nap time magic eraser-ing the tile.

  5. Oh, I can relate!! My little guy just turned two--and it's been eye opening, and he's my third--STILL eye opening!! We haven't had the writing on everything problem yet...just waiting for that one!! Found you through the blog hop, and I am a new follower! Hope you can hop on over to my blog too!


  6. your daughter is so beautiful, and it seems like she's pretty funny too haha! following from the blog hop! can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  7. Oh how I hate crayons, they end up everywhere in my house too...I am your newest follower from the Networking Blog Hop! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  8. Crayons. Potty Training..toddler moments I am not ready for!! Can't he just stay innocent and cute forever??! :)


  9. I firmly believe Two year olds are punishment for how we acted in High School!


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