Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I am completely surrounded by pregnant people, and new babies. I have two friends that are pregnant, two of my sister in laws are newly pregnant, and one friend who just had her baby yesterday!

I also have two friends who recently had babies, that are about 4-5 months old.

Ava will be 2 years old in two weeks. All these pregnancies, and babies, and birthdays really get me thinking about my pregnancy.

The good, the bad, and the ugly...

I wish someone would have told me that your nose can get fat. Yes your nose. I saw a picture of myself at my baby shower, and was like " Holy nose!" I didn't really notice at the time, and I'm sure no one else did either. Its just me beating myself up.

I found out really quick that not all pregnant women "glow."

What might have been a glowy look, was probably me sweating, creating the illusion of a dewy, glowy-ness...

I worked through out my whole pregnancy doing hair. There came a time where things started to get real awkward.  My belly would rub on my client's shoulders. Or it would be all up in their face. I was always hoping no one wanted bangs, so I wouldn't have to get in the baby to face position.

Being that I was around people all day long. I got some of the dumbest comments.

Seriously people, can you just stop and think about what you are saying! Maybe telling me how awful your labor was isn't the best thing to say to someone who is about to give birth!

Also, unless your positive that I am having twins PLEASE do not joke around about it.
Its not funny.

 In your head "are you sure there is only one baby in there?" Might sound like a great ice breaker, but listen guy at home depot, If you want to walk out of this store with all your limbs attached, please don't talk to me!

Man, apparently I was an angry pregnant women, that's just a touchy subject. I got comments about how I looked like I was having twins more than once, and that poor guy at home depot was the last straw!

One of my friend's clients told her "you look great, your face is really filling out."  What does that mean? " your face is filling out"  

So My face is fat, that's what your saying, that I have a fat face...

Never tell the person about to do your hair, that her face is filling out!
(I'm just kidding she would have never done anything to purposely mess up her client's hair)

One time, the girl making my sandwich at subway told me I looked like I was about to pop.
" I still have 3 months left.."
I really wasn't offended that she said that, its just a common thing people say, but apparently she felt very uncomfortable, and started rambling on about her pregnancy. Personal things.

I can deal with all the fluffy stuff ( how much he weighed etc..)
But I don't want to hear all the gooey stuff.

Please lady just make my sandwich so I can get outta here!!

And you know what! I don't care if you didn't start to show until you were 6 months.. Good for you!
" wow your already showing, I didn't show until I was 6 months."
When you say it like that, you are just bragging.

In all honesty, my pregnancy was not to bad, yes I was uncomfortable, and sick at times. But I have seen people have it so much worse than I did.

 I am blessed that I had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

me 1 month before Ava arrived!


  1. YOU looked amazing one week before giving birth! YOU ROCK MOMMA!

  2. Haha you are so funny! But it's true...no one really tells you how crappy pregnancy can sometimes be! But the end result is always worth it. Thanks for linking up to the blog hop girl :)

  3. SO true!! Sometimes I have an itch to want another baby, but then I look at my prego pics and I'm like, "Ahh!!" LOL! I love your pic...you looked great!


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