Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking back on the past 7 years of my life.

 Cut to me... a young almost 20 year old. Working as a hostess at Macaroni Grill. Eating all the pasta and bread I wanted without gaining a pound. Thinking I was so cool because I had older friends who were co-workers of mine. Not a care in the world, except for stupid things (which didn't seem so stupid at the time) like making sure I had something to cute to wear. Or my trials in trying to get my hair blonder.

  Who would have known that in the middle of all that Americanized Italian deliciousness I would have found my future husband. Yep what a true love story right? Me a lonely hostess, and him and Strong handsome cook. Those were the days, going into work, and after your shift was over, going to where ever something was going on.

  Cut to Tyler and I living in our first place together, Who would have known that place would be the first of many. Apparently we both hate moving, but like new scenery. He is older than me, and has had his own place before. Me... well this is all new and excited to me. FREEDOM!! oh sweet freedom. What a great feeling. Until I realized we had to buy things like toilet paper, and laundry soap... then the real world slightly started to set in. But it was great.

  HMM... what am I going to do with my life? I didn't take the usual road after graduating high school, I took a little break. To do what? I couldn't tell ya. Which probably means I had a lot of fun. After my mini break I started college. It was quickly after that I decided to go to cosmetology school. Which was one of the best decisions I have ever made. "WOW, I'm going to do hair, and be awesome, and look cool, and be a famous hairstylist to the stars!" What I haven't told you is, I am a dreamer... I obviously am not a movie star hairdresser, you will not find me getting paid boo-kuu dollars to flat iron Jennifer Aniston's hair.

  Cut to me about 3 years after graduating cosmetology school. I'm working in a great salon. One of the best in the area! I have great friends. I'm making pretty decent money. It turns out I'm not to shabby at doing hair, and I have a clientele! I actually have random people who I have never met, so there is no need to feel obligated to tell me they like theirhair. Who love me...I mean they really like me, and what I do, and how I make them feel. Life is great.

  Tyler and I are going Strong, we had been through ups and downs... we could handle anything thrown our way. We were in a good place. So good that we got engaged! What an exciting time in a young couples life. Now its time to actually start wedding planning. As everyone knows weddings are expensive. How the heck were we going to afford a wedding. It seemed almost impossible.

  Our "AH HA" moment hit us like a ton of bricks. We already had a trip to Hawaii in the works. We are going to in Hawaii in 3 months, why not get married there... just the two of us! We were so nervous to tell our family this is how we wanted to get married, but this is how WE WANTED IT! No one could have changed my mind. I think everyone accepted it. No one really tried hard to discourage it. So that's the way it would be. A destination wedding/ getting eloped... I wouldn't changed for anything!

  March 11, 2009... We met on the beach in Kauai Hawaii... it was beautiful, more beautiful, than any picture could ever capture. It was quiet, intament, unique, it was perfect. The beach was called "ship wreck beach" There is some other Hawaiian name for it that I am not sure of at this moment, There was waves crashing, a beautiful cliff, black rocks, palm trees, and golden sand. I am from Florida, I am not unfamiliar with beaches...but trust me when I say I don't think ANYTHING compares to Kauai Hawaii. Even the air seems fresher when you breath. Its breathtaking.

  February 10, 2010... We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! All 8lbs 4oz. of her. She is perfect in every way possible. Everything that your scared of while your pregnant just fades away the moment you hold your baby. I had not a care in the world.... until she spit up for the first time, we crazily buzzed for the nurse to come help us, as we were freaking out. We had NO IDEA what we were doing. Poor Ava, we couldn't even get her in the car seat when it was time to go home. "Surely there is something wrong with this car seat!"  "Oh yes it says right here in the users manual"... NEW PARENT WARNING: FIGURE IT OUT! 

  And we did figure it out, we are still trying to figure things out. Now the minor things I use to get all huffy and puffy about, have been over shadowed by diapers,  goldfish, dimples, and terrible 2 tantrums. And I bet one day I will look back at all this and think.. " those were the days"


  1. What a cute story! LOVE this! Your family is gorgeous!

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  3. Aw, what a cute post! (And cute family.) I loved learning more about you! Those pictures in Kauai are breathtaking too! xo, Reannah

  4. This was so cute. I love that you and your hubby just went and got married without anyone else. It's so romantic and I love your wedding photos. honey and I had the same problem of trying to get our son in his car seat for the first time. We must have been parked in front of the hospital for what seemed like forever. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story! :)

  5. You are a BOLD girl for going your own way! That is awesome. Family can really put the pressure on when a wedding looms... Your photos are beautiful!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I tried your Google+ button, but it took me to Facebook...I liked you there, but would love to add you to my circles!


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