Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Toddler bed Triumph

  Its official...We are now sleeping in a toddler bed! Its been a couple weeks, she adjusted just fine. I actually think she likes it better than her crib. So everything seems to be going great...except for one little issue. We seem to have a night crawler on our hands.

  I think it was probably the 3rd or 4th night in, I wake up to my daughter actually climbing into our bed.. which is just crazy to me because our bed is kinda high off the ground, and she had never done that before.( I don't mind her coming in my bed and sleeping there, as long as she initially falls asleep in her room, I don't think its a big deal. Plus I like the snuggles!) So not only is she now in our bed, shes WIDE awake... P.S. it's 3am! OK so just ignore her she will go to sleep finally 2 hours of being poked in the face, my hair getting pulled, getting kicked in the arm, all while hearing "mum!... HI mum!" (YES "mum" This is how she says Mom...she's only 2 you think I could get a " mommy, or a ma ma" Nope... its "mum.") She finally fell asleep.

  Morning comes... you think that this kid would have slept in a little.. oh not my child...she's up ready to go at 7:30. I get out of bed... Hmmmm where's my phone, it was on the night stand... I find my phone in the door way of my bedroom. Once I unlock it there has to be about 5 pages pulled up.. including facebook!! OH NO! Please don't tell me she is up at 3 am sending weird messages to people, and liking everyone's status. Good thing as far as I can tell she was just looking around. She has uploaded pictures to facebook before. She's a technology baby.
  Another page pulled was YouTube, that was scary who knows whats on YouTube. Luckily she's smart enough to go to the last searched video, which is usually Barney, Mickey Mouse, or puppies. She LOVES " uppies."  I'm telling you, I seriously need to get her on video working my phone, she knows exactly what she's doing!

   So now not only is Ava sneaking into our room at night, she is checking emails, facebooking, watching a few movies, and who knows what else! Its funny now that I think about, I can just picture her walking around doing her's not so funny when its 3am and she's up for 2 hrs. Time to put a gate on her door!

    If your getting late night phone calls from me... its Ava, tell her to go to bed!


  1. She's beautiful! And she's so smart! That's amazing. I understand not minding her crawling into bed. I let my daughter and I'm so glad I did. The time goes by so quickly, and now she's 17! I think I'd be more worried if she wandered the house. Thanks for sharing. Her pic makes me smile!

  2. That is too cute and funny!! I know how you feel about the sent emails and messages. My son has sent some outrageous texts through my phone before. LOL! I love the picture of her!!


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