Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tip for growing out your hair

  So you want your hair long? I have been there. When I started hair school I thought it would be more cool if I cut all my hair off. and for awhile it was... but I slowly started missing my long locks. I think because I slowly started learning how to care for, and style hair.

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  I think the biggest misconception is that if you cut your hair it will grow. Wronge.. Those were not magic hair growing shears that just cut your hair! Your hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month whether you like it or not! Trimming only keeps you free of spilt ends, which in turn leaves your healthier, and cleaner looking.

  So more important than growing your hair longer, you need to keep it healthy. I would rather have a shorter length than have long dry, poopy hair.

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  Now I'm not saying you need to be getting your ends cut every 4 weeks. I'm saying if you were going 4 weeks in between cuts, extend that out to maybe 8 weeks, and get a TRIM. A little DUSTING of the ends, as I like to call it.

  It wouldn't hurt to get a nice deep conditioning treatment, Ideally with every color service. This will help with keeping your hair proteinized, and moisturized. Especially if you are doing a lot lightening to your hair! I highly recommend this! It only takes about 10 extra minutes, and it cost about $15...that's not bad considering your hair is an investment! Why pay all this money getting your hair beautiful, if your not going to help maintain and prolong the look?

  Avoiding breakage!!!  When using hot tools such as, flat iron,blow dryer, curling iron. You NEED a heat protectant! With out it you are damaging your hair. If your hair is damaged, its going to break off at the ends, and appear that it is never growing, even though your still needing your hair colored every 4-6 weeks.

  Attention all you blondie blondes!! The ones who weren't born blonde, but were born to BE blonde... I'm talking to you!! Make sure you are using appropriate shampoo conditioner,along other products, and again I recommend getting a conditioning treatment after every color service. Lightening your hair can be harsh. Did you know you are taking away your hair's natural protein when you bleach out your hair? And that the treatment I keep talking about, along with other products help to replinish that? I'm not against coloring your hair.. I'm ALL FOR IT!! I have been blonde, brown, brown with highlights, red, back to blonde, back to red... BUT I use good products, and treatments. I'm just saying be prepared for your hair to be dryer than usual if you are continuously getting that color put through to your ends.
Why not try this... how about every other salon visit, get your ends freshened up. You can also try getting a nice clear gloss on your ends. It will help give your some nive shine if you are feeling dull.
  Have you heard of Biotin? Biotin is a B complex vitamin. It is often recommend for strengthing of your hair and nails.Give it a shot, but just keep in mind your not going to wake up the next morning with your hair 3 inches longer! So give it some time.
  Who doesn't love a nice scalp massage? Try giving yourself a scalp massage when your washing your hair. It help will stimulate your scalp, and increase the blood flow!


  1. Any tips for deep conditioning at home? I haven't been able to go to the salon for several months due to unemployment. I trim my own, but the only part that seems to grow is my bangs! And I just bought some biotin last night!

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