Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY wall art

Isn't this so pretty and girly.,well it was also really easy!

All you need is:
12x12 canvas
                                        3 sheets of scrapbook paper ( the pink background in a plain 12x12, the lace looking sheet is also 12x12 and it is transparent, and the center piece is like a card stock basic size sheet of paper)
                                      Double sided adhesive sheets ( found in the scrapbook section)
                                     adhesive faux pearl strips (also in scrapbook section)

-using the double sided adhesive sheet place the 12x12 solid piece of paper over the canvas ( the pink sheet)

-Next, again using your double sided adhesive sheet layer the transparent sheet on top ( the lace sheet)

- Place your card stock sheet into your printer, and using a program such as word..create your phrase, name or whatever you want it to say in the color, and font you desire

-Trim off any excess paper that has no writing from the bottom.( you want to be able to see the lace looking piece from all sides)

- and once again use your double sided tape to place in the center

- next take you faux pearl strips, and simply stick them on the edge of the paper line( you don't need to add pearls where your flower will be)

- Stick on your flower, you can use a already made flower found in the scrapbook section ( simple peel and stick) or you can make your own. I used the left over pearls to put in the center of my flowers.
( here's a tip, when your done take your glue gun and glue down the corners of the pink sheet of paper, just to secure everything)

Here is another example of another one of these I made for my friend's candy buffet table at her wedding
 (sorry this is  a cell phone picture)
 and FYI the flower I used in this one, is from the scrapbook section at Micheals


  1. I really love the idea of using these in a wedding! Simple yet so beautiful

  2. These are really cute and creative!! The wedding idea is awesome. I think this might also be something great to do for a friend who's getting married or maybe an anniversary. I really think these are so gorgeous and chic!


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