Friday, December 9, 2011

I found these items where??

Before I begin I feel the need to disclose that I am not a hoarder...and I like a clean house, but I do have a 22 month old who is on a mission for disaster. Anyways in order for me be able to get up and make myself look presentable, it involves my daughter being right under my feet climbing in the tub, going through my bathroom cabinets and so on. When I'm done I will quickly just grab everything she pulled out and put it back into this basket that is under my bathroom sink ( which is there to help keep things organized)
So I was in a organizing the house kinda mood,when I came across a bunch of random findings under my bathroom sink...
a lid to a plastic container.....

a target gift card that has seen better days... (and has no money on it!)

One of the first Ipods ever made...

A thing- a -majig..seriously what is this?

A baby screwdriver...

A lonely cough drop...

A pencil..seriously random..

WHAT my camera strap! I have been looking for that! Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about this one...

One last thing I would like to disclose..We have double sinks, and this was all under my husbands side!
Sam Villa give away still happening!


  1. We haven't reached this stage yet, but I can only imagine the hiding places that my little one will discover!

  2. My bathroom sink used to hold old treasures and random items that I forgot about. I cleaned mine out a few months back and found stuff from 10 years ago that I decided to keep at one point but shoved in there. Keep the iPod or use it to trade in if you buy any apple products you get a discount of like 10% on whatever you are buying for "recycling" your old ipod. I had a red one I did that with recently. Came in handy because I was buying a new (overpriced) phone and any discount helps!!

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  4. Happy to have found you on the hop.

    I like this post! I have a moment of fear right before moving the sofa to clean under it as with 4 children and the youngest being 18 months, I never know what I will find! LOL

  5. LOL that's too funny! Such random things. My closet is like this...I always seem to find things I forgot I even had.


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