Saturday, December 17, 2011

saying bye bye to the crib already?

   So  Last night I'm putting Ava to sleep, when all the sudden she lifts her little leg over the side of her crib and lifts her whole body up!! Luckily I was in her room still or I'm sure she would have went right over the rail. She will be 2 in February, is it really time to say good bye to her crib and hello to a big girl bed?
   Shes still my little baby she can't already be big enough for a big girl bed! This makes me sad. Obviously for her safety its time... and thankfully we already have one. I'm kind of excited to do a little re decorating, her old furniture is dark wood, and her new stuff is white. But I'm also sad to see her little nursery go...

  Also I'm a little nervous, we have a had a GREAT routine down, and have stuck with it for a while. This means we might have to change it up a little... and adding in a new routine combined with her terrible two phase is a little scary!

  Any advice from other mommas out there? Was this a smooth transition for you?


  1. I'm sure I'll be right behind you Matilda is quite the physical baby so she may be escaping a little sooner LOL I love love your nursery !

  2. It was hard to keep my girls in their crib from day one, haha. We moved them to toddler beds right before their 2nd birthday.

    I'm a new follower every way I could find. You have a great site and hope you can get the chance to visit mine and return the favor. I also just posted the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop if you'd like to join! I also grabbed your blog badge and added it to my blog roll!


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