Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tips for getting out of that writer's funk

  Trying to come up with 5 blog posts a week isn't always easy. Most of the time I have no problem, but every once in awhile I find myself in a slump.

  So why not blog about my writer's block? Its not even that I'm out of ideas. I have TO MANY ideas that get all jumbled up in my head,  I don't know where to begin. Here are a few tips that I have learned along my (short) blog journey.

  Get out of the house! Get some fresh air. Go on a something, because sitting around thinking of something to blog about doesn't inspire me. Obviously inspiration has hit me while doing house hold things, but if your thinking to much about it, it won't come out natural. I always want my post to be natural, and 100% ME. I posted about  alphabet photography after taking Ava and my camera out for a little walk, and now I have found that's actually something I'm pretty interested in getting better at.

   Go shopping! Or even just cruise the isles of your favorite stores. I could walk around Michael's for hours. I always find so many things I want to try to create.. for example: This post... DIY wall art  I walked around Michael's for a while then came up with this idea. I made one for my friend's candy buffet table at her wedding. I also like to look at accessories in a store and think " hey I could make that!" And of coarse buying myself a new shirt (or anything really) always gets me excited :) and when I'm feeling excited, I get inspired..( kind of weird but true)

  OBVIOUSLY I think Pinterest inspires most. I can sit on there forever looking at things. I already have my whole house re-decorated on there! I love it. It never fails that when I go on Pinterest I will find something I love. for example just before this post I found this super cute shelving idea...

Pinned Image
  Sometimes I look through old pictures. Looking at pictures of Ava when she was a little baby, to now being almost 2, can usually get me posting a mushy mommy post like... I'm the kinda mom who. I try to take my camera everywhere, and take pictures of everything. Just so I can go through my pictures in times like these. Its a sure way to get the bloggy juices flowing.

 So those are a few of my tips for getting out of a writing funk.... comment and let me know what you do to get some inspiration for your blog!






  1. Great tips, Amanda!! I usually try and think about my day or what's been going on in my life to help inspire me to write. Pinterest always helps, too!

  2. I've been meaning to start a blog again, and I do have a theme for it and all. However, getting started seems to be the problem. I'm just not inspired to do it. That's pretty bad coming from an English teacher, but I don't think my mindset is there right now.

    Some ideas for writer's block, though, are the following: as you think of things throughout the day, make a list, and pick one when you finally sit done; just start writing about anything, something will eventually come from it; read, that's what professional writers do when they have writer's block!

    I have yet to go on Pininterest! I've heard of it, but I'm worried I will be sucked in for hours!


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